League Rules

For the 2019 Season:

  1. The pitcher cannot participate in a defensive play or interfere otherwise the batter/runner is automatically out.
  2. If the ball hits the pitcher, it is considered a foul ball, if it was the third pitch, the batter is out.
  3. Each player must be up to bat once before you start the line-up again.  You must keep the same batting line-up for the entire game.
  4. All team members must bat.  You may have a runner if needed.
  5. Commitment line is between 3rd and home plate.
  6. There is no stealing, no leading and no sliding allowed.
  7. Play at home plate is always a force play.
  8. All players are to rotate all positions each inning.  Other than pitcher, no player should play any position more than 3 times per game.   Male players may only play on the infield a maximum of 4 innings per game.  There must be at least two Female players in the infield every inning.
  9. There is a two base system at 1st base.  The first base player is on the white base and the runner touches the orange base.
  10. Home run rule:  Match plus one – Each team will go into the game with one home run allowed, after each team has hit a home run, the other team may do so.  After the home run is hit each home run is then a strike.
  11. Game will be 7 innings or an hour and a half.
  12. Mercy rule: 5 runs in one inning.  The last inning is unlimited.
  13. There must be a minimum of 3 women on the field per inning.
  14. Tagging on fly balls allowed, with one exception (see following rule)
  15. A base runner on third base must stay there on a caught fly ball (not allowed to tag and run).
  16. Batting rule:  Outfielders will have a line that they cannot cross when a batter is batting.  Once the ball is hit, the outfielder is free to get the ball.  If the outfielder breaks this rule, the batter is awarded a hit.
  17. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the park premises.

Please remember that this league was designed as a recreational league.  The purpose of this league is for all players to have fun.